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– The Definitive Guide to the Musical World of Prince | 2004 –

THE VAULT combines the approaches of UPTOWN‘s two acclaimed books, 
TURN IT UP 2.0and DAYS OF WILD, to create a phenomenally detailed document of Prince’s work. Exploring every facet of Prince’s life and career in depth and detail, THE VAULT is the most fully comprehensive and authoritative guide to Prince’s music ever assembled.

THE VAULT is A5-sized (148 x 210 mms), 720 pages (!), with a full-colour cover. It weighs nearly 900 grams. The book is split into seven main chapters, each devoted to a different aspect of Prince’s musical world.

DAYS OF WILD: THE CHRONOLOGY is a detailed chronology of the day-to-day life of Prince, from 1958 to 2003. His record releases, recording sessions, concerts, aftershow performances, TV appearances, and countless other minor and major events are recorded, creating a virtual diary of Prince’s 25-year career. The previous chronologies (from Per Nilsen’s book A Documentary and the UPTOWN book DAYS OF WILD) have been thoroughly revised and improved upon with countless additional details.

 is a report on Prince’s activities and releases after the cut-off date for THE VAULT.

documents Prince’s recordings in meticulous detail. An A-Z index of released and unreleased songs lists over 1,000 original Prince compositions, while a “sessionography” dissects all known Prince recording sessions since 1976. Nearly 500 songs are assessed in a survey of Prince’s unreleased music, revealing the universe of Prince that goes beyond the officially released music and pointing the way to numerous unreleased gems in the Prince canon. The chapter includes a complete catalogue of songs released on his albums, non-album songs, Internet-only songs, songs written for and released by other artists, and guest appearances on songs written and released by other artists. Also archived are a number of radio shows produced with Prince’s involvement, including all the editions of the NPG Music Club “Ahdio Shows.”

A BEAUTIFUL NIGHT: THE APPEARANCES deals with Prince’s appearances before the public. His tours, one-off concerts, guest appearances with other artists, TV and radio appearances, and press conferences are described.

 examines Prince’s motion pictures, TV films and promo clips. The chapter includes a listing of officially released home videos (VHS and Betamax), LaserDiscs, DVDs, and CD-ROMs. Unreleased film/video projects are also discussed.

IN A WORD OR 2: THE INTERVIEWS looks at the interviews Prince has given, documenting interviews published in the printed media and on the Internet, as well as interviews broadcast on TV and radio.

OPEN BOOK: THE PUBLICATIONS focuses on Prince in print, describing and assessing his officially sanctioned publications (books and magazines) and tour programmes, as well as the countless books published without his involvement.

PURPLE MUSIC: THE CIRCULATING RECORDINGS is an exhaustive catalogue of recordings that circulate amongst a vast international network of fans and collectors: unreleased songs, audio and video recordings of concerts and rehearsals, TV and radio appearances, unaired TV footage and video clips, and unreleased footage from film/video projects. Bootleg records are not included, however, since UPTOWN entered into an agreement with Prince’s organisation in 1999 to avoid the documentation of these types of illegal records.

Painstakingly researched, THE VAULT is truly indispensable for all serious Prince collectors and for anyone with more than a passing interest in one of popular music’s most gifted, prolific, and influential artists. THE VAULT‘s wealth of information, detail, insight, and thorough knowledge of Prince’s work add new dimensions to the artist. Every detail of his amazing career is here: every song released and unreleased, every concert played, every aftershow performed, every TV and radio appearance made, and every collectible recording in existence. In short, THE VAULT is the ultimate encyclopaedia to the music of Prince.


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